10 Things to do in Andaman Islands

1. Scuba-dive in the rich coral reefs surrounding the islands.

Experience infinite calmness as you become one with the sea and explore marine life up-close in the opulent coral reefs. North Bay beach and the beaches of Havelock and Neil islands have excellent diving spots. Snorkeling and sea-walks are other attractions available.

NEMOoo… I found u..

2. Zip through the mangrove creeks in a speedboat.

Sit tight and enjoy the ride as the speedboat is steered by the helmsman to take you around Baratang Island to reach the Limestone caves. Watch out for some rare wildlife in the mangroves such as mud-skippers , fiddler crabs and sea kraits. You may even spot a salt water crocodile if you’re lucky.


3. Get overwhelmed by the sacrifices for freedom at Cellular Jail.

Cellular Jail (Kaala Pani) stood witness for all the punishments and horrors the freedom fighters went through in the struggle for independence. The light and sound show that takes place everyday is sure to leave you with moist eyes and respect for the heroes who sacrificed for the motherland.

Port_Blair (8)

4. Treat your tastebuds to delicious seafood from fresh catch by the beaches.

A delight for seafood lovers, the Andaman Islands, have a wide variety of seafood ranging from several kinds of fish, prawns , crabs and lobsters. Order at the beach stall and get fresh cooked delicious seafood to feast on while sitting on the white sands or get it delivered to your hotel room.

Lobster masala

5. Indulge in the beauty of Asia’s best beach.

Radhanagar Beach, which is ranked India’s no 1 beach, also features among the top 10 beaches of Asia. The beach, covered with white sands and bright green vegetation in the background makes for some stunning photos. Visit the  beach early in the day to have it empty from the otherwise crowded evenings.

Radhanagar_beach (6)

6. Strike a pose at the picturesque Natural Bridge of Neil Island

The Natural Bridge is an iconic tourist spot where the photograph just cant go wrong. Along the Natural Bridge, are coral reefs which can be easily observed before noon when the tide is low. Various sea creatures such as different types of corals, starfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins can be seen up close during the low tides.

NielIsland (13)

7. Go beach-combing at North Bay beach.

Collect corals of different shapes, color and sizes among the infinite number of dead corals washed upon the beach of North Bay for your aquarium or simply as souvenirs from the vacation. The picture present on the back of a 20 Rupee note is from the North Bay beach.

northbay_rossisland (1)

8. Experience the stay on the spectacular beaches of Havelock in eco-huts.

While beach resorts can get heavy on the pocket, don’t miss out on the beach stays and go green in these Eco-huts along the beach which easily come in the budget. With the government promoting Eco-tourism on these islands, a number of Eco-resorts have come up on the beaches of Havelock.


9. Learn about the origin of the native tribes at the Anthropological Museum.

The Anthropological Museum explains the origins of the native tribes dating back to 50000 B.C. The museum also feature the equipment used for hunting and boating and the daily objects used by the tribes. Currently, the tribes are protected by the Indian Government to prevent their habitats from being diminished or destroyed.


10. Get close with some friendly animals on an abandoned island.

Ross Island, which was once the seat of power of the British Andaman, was left abandoned after an earthquake devastated the island in early 1940’s.  Today nature has taken over the island and trees have grown over the ruins of the town. Deer, rabbits and peacocks now roam the island and they’re not shy of humans.

northbay_rossisland (11)



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