10 Things To Do When You Are In Sikkim

1. Visit the holy Gurudongmar Lake.


Visit the second highest lake in India at almost 18000 ft above sea level. This holy lake is supposed to be blessed by Guru Rinpoche and does not freeze completely even in the harshest of winters. You are allowed to fill a bottle of this holy water and take home. Read more here.

2. White water rafting


Get your adrenaline pumping in the ice cold waters of the Teesta. About 50 km from Gangtok, reach the starting point of Bhalkola to gear up for the experience. Read more here.

3. Gaze across the Line of Actual Control(LAC) at Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass, Sikkim

The Nathula Pass lies between India and Tibet, China along the Line of Actual Control(LAC) about 60 km from Gangtok. You can go right up to the edge of the border and looks across the Landscape of Tibet. The Indian Army personnel guide you with the history of the place and the sacrifices of the soldiers to protect it. Read more.

4. Make a wish at the ‘wish fulfilling’ Khecheopalri Lake


Legend has it that a precious stone gifted by a goddess was lost in this lake and so it has the power to make wishes come true. There are other religious legends regarding the origins of this lake. Read more here.

5. Have a snowball fight at Zero Point


Nothing like the bright sky and plenty of snow. The low levels of oxygen and freezing cold are no reason to not have a snowball fight, right? Read more.

6. Shopping


MG Marg and Laal Bazaar in Gangtok are the best places to shop for woollens and some funky trends. A little bargaining can get you a great deal. Also, check out Chowrasta Bazaar in Darjeeling.

7. Taste Sikkimese cuisine

A delicious bowl for noodles for breakfast

Apart from the noodles and chicken momos, which are delightful, try some other mouth-watering dishes like Thupka, Gya-thuk and Then-thuk.

8. Go Paragliding

PicsArt_07-06-11.03.46 (1)

Experience what a bird feels like high up in the sky. Soar above the picturesque valleys on the outskirts of Gangtok. Read more.

9. Visit the Buddha Park in Ravangla

The majestic Buddha statue towers across the landscape overseeing the snow capped mountains and the surrounding valley. Prayers can be offered inside the shrine which is at the base of the statue. Read more.

10. Get high on some Tumba

Tumba, Millet Bamboo drink

Tumba / Tongba is a local drink prepared by using millet and fermenting it. It is then served in a bamboo vessel and served with a bamboo straw. Share some wonderful stories over a few drinks of Tumba.

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